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Year 4

Werrington Primary School

Year 4


Welcome to Year 4 and Werrington Primary School.  Lots of exciting things usually happen in Year 4, such as visits to Stibbington and Caythorpe, as well as performing a Christmas play.  Due to Covid-19, we will have to make decisions as we progress through the year based on current government guidance about which will go ahead as normal and which ones will need to be adapted, postponed or not done this year.

Themes of study include 'Creature Features', 'Around the World', 'Vikings and Anglo Saxons' and 'Sikhism'. Please see the homework section below for information of what your child is required to do each week. 

As well as Mrs. Knox, Mrs. A Taylor and Mrs. L Taylor, we also have Mrs. Anton and Mrs. Buchann who work in our year group on Monday to Friday mornings. Mrs. Watson and P.E. coaches will also continue to lead sessions on Friday mornings.

This Week's News

Monday 7th September

A lot of our work this week will be based around the children settling in to their new environment and sharing experiences of the last 6 months. We are also exploring the importance of a growth mindset and the power of YET (I can't do it YET, but with hard work I will get there). We will also be exploring the story of Stone Age Boy as the children missed the opportunity to read this in the Summer term.


Tuesday 29th September

It has been a very positive start to the year, with the children adapting maturely to the changes in routine. They have been working hard in the mornings on improving their handwriting and have shown great understanding of Place value of 4 digit numbers. The children will be writing their own stories about meeting a whale and continuing to build their knowledge and understanding of living creatures and food chains.