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School Uniform

Werrington Primary School

School Uniform

The school has a uniform which was adopted after consultation with parents and a list is given below.  The governors anticipate that parents will encourage children to wear school uniform.

Items listed below may be obtained from any of the shops in the city which deal with clothing for children.  Hair bands should be black, white or yellow and must be kept simple.  All clothing should be clearly marked with the child's name.  Uniform items with the school logo are available for purchase from school, as well as ties and PE tops in house colours.

As children get older, they should become responsible for their own possessions, and they should be discouraged from bringing valuables to school.  Valuables, in the form of jewellery (rings or necklaces) and expensive toys should not be brought to school.  If watches are brought, they are entirely at the child's own risk.  During PE or games, they should be left with the class teacher.  Only small studs should be worn in the ears and for safety reasons, they must be removed for PE and games.  Young children who are not capable of removing their own earrings, should not wear them on games and PE days.  For safety reasons, earrings have to be removed for physical activities.  (This is LA Health and Safety Policy).

No football shirts other than school colours are allowed.


Dark grey/black trousers

Grey skirts or culottes preferably washable (!), pinafore style or permanent pleat

Cardigan or 'V' neck pullover in grey, yellow or black or school sweatshirt (available from school)

Blouses - white.  (In Key Stage 1, a yellow or white polo shirt may be worn)

Ties (optional)

Socks - white, grey, black

Shoes - black    

Summer dresses - yellow

Tights - white, grey or black

Hair ribbons - basic and simple - yellow, white or black

PE and games -  polo shirt in house colour, black shorts, games skirt       

Plimsolls - white or black or trainers

Track suits may be worn in very cold weather for PE


Boys (Key Stage 1)


Black/dark grey trousers (long or short), preferably with elasticated waist, for ease of getting on and off

Yellow or white polo shirt (or an ordinary white or grey shirt if preferred)

School sweatshirts or jumpers in yellow, black or grey

Grey socks

Black shoes  

PE - black shorts, polo shirt in house colour


Boys (Key Stage 2)


Black/dark grey trousers

White shirt 

School tie

School sweatshirt, jumper in black or grey

Grey/Black socks

Black shoes  


PE - black shorts, polo shirt in house colour

Plimsolls - black or white or trainers

Track suit (optional) - useful in very cold weather


Clothes for Reception Children


Black/dark grey trousers/skirt/culottes/pinafore dress preferably with elasticated waist for ease of getting on and off.  


Yellow or white polo shirt or an ordinary white shirt, if preferred


School sweatshirts/jumpers/cardigans in yellow, black or grey


Grey, white or black socks or tights


Black  shoes, preferably not lace-ups unless children are competent in tying bows


Aprons for messy play will be provided.


PE Clothes for Reception Children


Black shorts, white or yellow T shirt, plimsolls.  (Track suit and trainers optional but useful in cold weather any colour).


Please make sure that all items of clothing are named.