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We LOVE reading at Werrington Primary School as we believe it is a gateway to progress in all areas of the curriculum! It also opens up a fantastic imaginary world to enter and explore! Each class encourages reading at all ages and all children are encouraged to read with an adult, individually or in peer groups each week. 

We have a fantastic selection of different class texts for each year group, where the children have their own copy to look through and read along with the class and teacher. This way, the children all experience texts that are challenging, stimulating and engaging with their peers. These texts are sometimes linked to our topics or have been chosen by the class teacher because of their amazing storyline, thought-provoking messages or interesting vocabulary. We read these during our English lessons or through our Whole Class Reading sessions. 

At Werrington we use VIPERS to encourage our children to think about a whole range of elements of their texts. 

  • V - Vocabulary-based questions (such as what word means the same as quietly?)
  • I - Inference-based questions (such as why has the character run to their room after their talk with Dad?)
  • P - Prediction-based questions (such as what do you think might happen to the boy next?)
  • E - Explanation-based questions (such as explain why the author has used an exclamation mark)
  • R - Retrieval-based questions (such as how many pigs did they see at the farm?)
  • S - Sequencing-based questions (KS1 - such as when did they decide to go to the beach?) or Summarising-based questions (KS2 - such as summarise the actions of the dog in the water)              

In Reception and Year 1, the children have that are books are phonetically decodable and therefore link with the children's learning.

In Year 2, the children work their way through different coloured book bands depending on their ability, fluency and the Phonics Phase that they are working at. These books are phonetically decodable and therefore link with the children's learning.

In KS2  we move on to the Accelerated Reader Scheme. We have a huge variety of books (including fiction and non-fiction) across all of the levels which children can choose from. In this scheme, there is a book quiz linked to each book so that once the children have read their book they can take a book quiz. Books from home are also likely to be on the Accelerated Reader Scheme so if you find a book that you would love to read let your class teacher know and they can check for you!!