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Maths Calculation Strategies Tutorials

Werrington Primary School

Maths Calculation Strategies Tutorials

Following the Numeracy Curriculum Evening, these tutorials aim to model the different strategies we use in school to teach the four operations.  They also match the progression in our Calculation Policy.  In addition to these tutorials, you can also find on this page the resources used by the class teachers in their workshops from this event.


÷ Division Bus Stop

÷ Division Chunking

÷ Division Chunking with remainders

÷ Division Repeated Subtraction

÷ Division Sharing


x Multiplication Arrays

x Multiplication Column Method

x Multiplication Grid Method

x Multiplication Long

x Multiplication Numberline repeated addition

x MultiplyingLong with Decimals


+ Column Addition

+ Column Addition Decimals

+ Addition on a Number Line

+ Addition on a Number Line Progression 2

+ Addition on a Number Line Progression 4: Compensating

+ Addition on a Number Line Progression 5: Hundreds

+ Partioning & Re-combining

+ Addition on a Number Line Progression 3


- Column method

- Counting up to find trhe difference

- Subtraction Number line 1

- Subtraction Number Line progression 2

- Subtraction Number line Bridging