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Getting our hands ready for Writing

Werrington Primary School

Getting our hands ready for Writing

Physical Development is an important area of the Reception curriculum. 

We spend a lot of time developing fine and gross motor skills to help the children build the strength in their finger and arm muscles to help them to write. 

Please look at the attachment below for ideas of activities you can do at home. 

In class we carefully plan activities for the children to access in their learning time to help them strengthen their fingers, hands and wrists ready for writing. Examples of just some of these activities can be seen in the photos below. 



We also enjoy whole class carpet activities such as dough disco! Please see the link for an example of this on YouTube.

During our daily phonics sessions we learn to write letters in the pre-cursive style of handwriting. We have developed some visual prompts to help learners remember the different shapes of lead ins for letters. In class we refer to these lead ins as 'wooshes'. 

4 Types of 'wooshes' - hill woosh, short rocket woosh, tall rocket woosh and moon woosh.


We use rhymes from Read Write Inc. to help children remember the formation of each letter. A list of these letter rhymes can be found in the attachment below.