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Eco Committee Members

Werrington Primary School

Eco Committee Members

These are the school's Eco Committee Memebers, they make sure anything to do with Eco in School is in order, from litter picking to checking if the lights and projectors are turned off.

6M Eco Reps: Oliver and Shannon

6RN Eco Reps: Archie and Maddie

5C Eco Reps: Callum and Ellie

5R Eco Reps: Faizaan and Emily

4F Eco Reps: Jasmine and George

4T Eco Reps: Thomas and Mollie

3J Eco Reps: Jessica and Freddie

3P Eco Reps: Megan and Ben

2H Eco Reps: Sally and David

2TW Eco Reps: Jack and Isabella

1D Eco Reps: Evie and Joshua

1HP Eco Reps: Millie and Finley