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3P Stibbington latest ...

Werrington Primary School

3P Stibbington latest ...

 Another great day with all of the children enjoying the rock study and fossil hunt.

 After breakfast where copious amounts of rice crispies/toast/sausages/spaghetti was consumed we started our rock/fossil study.  A full day spent outside studying rocks and fossils as well as starting our own fossil collection!  The morning was spent in the quarry where we saw a herd of Fallow Deer - WOW!  The fossil finding was outstanding with all of the children finding excellent examples of shell fossils from the  Jurassic period.  Yes you read that correctly Jurassic..... - sadly no T Rex's today!

We headed back to the centre for a pizza lunch and further study of the properties of permeable and impermeable rocks.  

A super evening meal and free time before getting ready for the DISCO!!!!

As I type the disco is now coming to an end with some great dance moves amongst 3P.  Go Miss P!

All of the signs are for a swift exit to beds as the children are now looking pretty shattered. 

More to follow in the morning.

Check out the Gallery - latest pics now uploaded including the disco.

Night, night everyone form the Stibbington Crew on Day 2.