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YR 6 Scarborough Update 3

Werrington Primary School

YR 6 Scarborough Update 3

This morning began with an early, 7:00 am wake up call.  Some of the children woke up even earlier, a little confused not to find their Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii plugged into the TV!

Everyone indulged in a substantial breakfast in readiness for the long walk along the front to the Sea Life Centre.

After much fun and enjoyment with a huge variety of weird and wonderful creatures (see gallery for evidence) we headed to the beach to play rounder’s, rugby and football in addition to building some spectacular sand castles.

As you can imagine the children had a great time and were coated in sand when the time came to head back to the hotel.

We enjoyed another delightful meal before hopping on an open top bus and roaring through the town towards the Spa Theatre where we were entertained by a hilarious comedian.  We’ll let the children pass on the jokes!

Finally, tired and exhausted the children curled up and quickly fell to sleep.

Sweet dreams…