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KS2 PTA Discos

Werrington Primary School

KS2 PTA Discos

During the school year the PTA organises discos for the children in KS2 at the Werrington Village Centre on Church Street from 7pm - 8.30pm.  The first disco of the year will be held on 17th October, 2008.  Please see the calendar for further dates.

The cost per disco is £2.  This includes a voucher for sweets, crisps and drinks - therefore no extra money is required.  Water is always available.  Tickets will be sold on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the week of the disco, both before and after school.

Doors will open at 6.55pm.

In order to comply with NCPTA guidelines regarding safety and first aid, we require the attached form to be completed and returned to school by Friday 10th October.  A new form needs to be completed even if your child has previously attended.  The form includes emergency contact details, medical condition details and also gives consent for a PTA member to administer minor first aid, eg bumps and grazes.

There is also a 'Rules of Behaviour' section for the children to complete and sign to show their agreement to these rules.  For insurance and safety purposes, we need to have a ratio of 1 adult to very 8 children.  If we do not have the required number of helpers on any given night, the disco will have to be cancelled.

Thank you for your continued support.  If you require any further information, please contact Paula Thomas, PTA representative on Tel: 772273.