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Bad Weather Reminder 1st Feb ''09

Werrington Primary School

Bad Weather Reminder 1st Feb ''09

The forecast for the next 48 hours is suggesting that wintry weather is likely. Please refer to : 'Bad Weather' arrangements as detailed in the December and January Newsletters which can be found via the Home page and News/Events tab.





Bad Weather

The school may be forced to close due to a significant weather event or associated impact on

the staff's ability to get into school ie snowfall, flood or high winds. It is very difficult during

such times to assess the situation locally as well as have consideration for staff who live

outside the area with significant journeys. The decision to not open or close the school is

based on many factors and your support with regard to any decision made will be appreciated.

If we have snowfall or weather that prohibits enough staff from safely getting into school an

announcement will be made via local radio / notice outside school or via the school website

( . The local radio stations are very good at relaying bad

weather school closures. You may find these useful: Hereward FM(102.7 FM), Lite FM (106.8

FM), BBC Radio Peterborough (96.5 FM), BBC Radio Cambs (95.7 FM). It has been known for

schools to close during the day. In this instance we would attempt to make direct contact

with you to collect your child via email, phone as well as radio announcements. Any children

remaining will be looked after until such time as they are able to be collected.