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Year 4 Recycling Visit

Werrington Primary School

Year 4 Recycling Visit

On Tuesday 11th November, children from Year 4 visited Peterborough Recycling Plant.  Go to 'Gallery' to view the photos.

The trip was really exciting because we got to see the digger scooping up the rubbish. Elishia

We drew on re-usable bags and wrote all about saving the world from rubbish.  Sophie

I liked looking through the window at the machines.  Oliver

I learnt that 23 million plastic bottles are recycled every day.  William

I think it was really fun making the bags and looking out window at the machines. Jake

I had a great time.  We learnt how all the machines sort out the rubbish into different sections.  Mary

It was really good fun.  The rubbish goes up a conveyor belt and is sorted by people at the top.  Kyla

It was really fun at the recycling centre because they showed us all the rubbish.  Outside there were loads of bales of rubbish.  Lizzie