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Scarborough: Wednesday

Werrington Primary School

Scarborough: Wednesday

 Just when we thought it couldn't get any better...


After a great night sleep the children enjoyed another hearty breakfast and before we knew it we were on the road to Robin Hood’s Bay full of anticipation, and we weren’t disappointed!

We explored the beautiful area high and low, literally! We went rock pooling which was fabulous as the tide had just gone out and the pools were full of life. We have been learning lots and having fun, the perfect combination.

This evening we cruised down to the Spa Theatre in an open top bus! The variety performance was an excellent experience and the children are now inspired to create the best Year 6 end of year show Werrington has ever seen!

Miss Gedge (nick-named Miss Lush by the hilarious compare!) and Mr Efford were soon volunteered on stage by the children to take part in one of the magic acts, and we all enjoyed singing along to the Take That, Mamma Mia, Anne and the Sound of Music medleys.

In fact all the adults on the trip are feeling particularly proud of the children as there were several comments from not only members of the audience but the show producer/comedian congratulating us on being such a wonderful bunch and making the evening so special!

Well done Werrington!