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Year 3

Werrington Primary School

Year 3


Welcome to year 3! We have Mrs Knox, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Hawkridge in 3K and 3T. We have lots of fun and exciting learning planned for this year!

This Week's News

Autumn term in Year 3 was a great success. The children settled into Key Stage 2 routines brilliantly and have worked very hard. They enjoyed our 'Treasure Hunters' and 'Winter Wonderland' topics and did lots of cross curricular learning during our Arts and Enterprise themed weeks.


20th January 2020

We are learning how to subtract money in Maths and exploring stories set in a rainforest during our English lessons. We are also continuing to read and enjoy The Twits. 


3rd February 2020

We are having a great week exploring what we have learnt well and what we need to further improve in our English and Maths. In the afternoons we are using leaves and rainforests as a stimulus for art work and learning to sing in rounds, playing accompanying ostinatos on a chromebook.


10th February 2020

This week we are further developing our knowledge of bar graphs and information tables in Maths. In English, we are writing scripts for the Year 3 assembly that we will be performing to parents next half term. We are using our internet searching skills to find out about animals of the rainforest, as well as considering what information is or is not appropriate to share online as part of Safer Internet Day.

2nd March 2020

This week we will continue to practise our assembly, turning our scripts into a performance that will engage, inform and entertain the audience. Last week, in Science we planned an investigation looking at the conditions required for plants to grow and we look forward to monitoring if and when our seeds germinate. In English we will continue to write non-fiction texts about the rainforest, sharing the wealth of information we have discovered over the course of this topic. Our maths focus is currently measurements, and any practical experience you can give your children at home with rulers, tape measures, measuring jugs and weighing scales would support their understanding.