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Year 3's Learning from home gallery

Werrington Primary School

Year 3's Learning from home gallery

This is a gallery that we would like to build up over the course of the school closure. It would be great if children could attach any photos of their art or topic work when they finish their work on the Topic Google Classroom. You do this by navigating to the assignment you have done on the Google Classroom.


Idara's drawing of a rose


Ethan's Model of Stonehenge


Bailey and Harry's Thank you to the NHS

Charlie's We Love the NHS picture

Katie's NHS Heart and Picasso Drawing


Adam's picture of the Ninja Warrior course


3D Display of a rainforest by Sam in 3P


Maxim's Diagram of a Flower and some artwork he created using this video tutorial (REMEMBER TO ALWAYS CHECK WITH AN ADULT BEFORE GOING ON YOUR DEVICE): link

Halle's use of sketchbook skills using this file:  link

Evie created her own rainforest animal called a Larrot