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Werrington Primary School


What things can you do to stop feeling worried or anxious? Or maybe just calm yourself after doing lots of exciting activities?

Could you:

- Read a book?

- Sit outside and listen to the sounds around you?

- Doodle on a piece of paper?

-Talk to someone about your worries?

- Write your worries down in a diary?

- Hug a teddy bear REALLY tightly for 10 seconds?

- Lay down for a little while and listen to music?

If you are worried or feeling unsure there are lots of places you can go for support!

The Calm and Headspace Apps have some great bed time stories (for adults and children) that are great just as a bed time story but can also help you to sleep if you are feeling anxious.


Childline has some great information pages available for you too look at or you can call them on 08001111 if you have any worries you want to talk about. 

Take part in some singing!

Music has an extraordinary power to bring us together, it can lift us when we feel low, energise us when we feel tired and is something we all have in common.

Out of the Ark Music has developed some fantastic resources for you to access at home.  Simply follow the link below...

They have released seven songs, one for each day, all with challenges and activities related to each song. Every week for the next few weeks we will continue to add songs and resources.  Enjoy!



Our electronic devices are brilliant things. They put knowledge at our finger tips and allow us to communicate instantly. However, it is important to remember that you have to think carefully about what you do online to ensure you and the people around you stay safe and protected. 

Remember our golden rule: TELL AN ADULT!

If you are not sure of the right thing to do or something happens on a device that makes you unsure or upset, TELL AN ADULT straight away.

Here are two interactive online games that helps you understand how to stay safe online. You can do this on your own but it would be GREAT if you could play them WITH AN ADULT instead.

Be Internet Legends