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Sustainability at Werrington Primary

Werrington Primary School

Sustainability at Werrington Primary

Teaching the next generation about protecting our planet!

At Werrington Primary, we pride ourselves on teaching our children about the importance of sustainability and protecting our planet for the future.

We focus our sustainability learning through the following 10 themes:


In the Summer Term, our eco-week gives classes the chance to investigate topical sustainability projects in a more in-depth way.  This year's eco-themes included plastic waste in the ocean, endangered animals, the destruction of the rain forest due to palm oil plantations and planning sustainable towns of the future.  Children took part in practical activities, investigated solutions to solve problems and shared their new knowledge with other classes.

In recent years, most classes have enjoyed taking part in the Food and Farming Day at The East of England Showground where they have had the opportunity to learn about how food is grown from a wide range of food producers.  They have also learnt about how animals are reared for food production, how the countryside must be protected to enable wildlife to thrive and about some of the difficulties that farmers are facing in the UK whilst trying to supply local produce to local people.

Our Eco-Reps meet every half-term to help keep our school buildings and school grounds as 'eco-friendly' and sustainable as possible.  They have become 'eco-spies' - searching out wasted resources such as dripping taps, recycled waste that hasn't been recycled in the correct bin and doors and windows left open when the temperatures have dropped and the heating is working on overtime!  The children have also visited local farms to learn about food production and taken part in 'Food Miles' activities at our local supermarket.  All of these activities have helped our eco-reps to develop a greater understanding of sustainability issues which they have then been able to share with their classmates and family members.

Our after school 'Eco Club' gives even more children the chance to take part in eco-friendly activities that spread the sustainability message further.