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Learning Links/Websites

Werrington Primary School

Learning Links/Websites


White Rose

Excellent home learning for maths with video tutorials and worksheets to do after watching them. Most children should try the Year 3 resources unless you know they find Maths a particularly difficult area of their learning. If your child finds them too hard or too easy, then you could try the year above or below.

Spelling Shed

Times Tables Rockstars - By the end of Year 4, children should know all times tables up to 12x12 by heart and related division facts. They should be able to answer 20 random question in a minute. This will require a lot of practice at home.

Hit The Button

For those of you who have children that are finding reading a challenge and still developing the fluency of their word reading, 'Teach Your Monster To Read' are offering free accounts and apps to allow children to learn from home. You can create accounts and get details from:

There is a 'Year 3 Learning Away From School' area below, but currently all of the resources you need are on Google Classroom instead. The information on that page at the moment is a copy of this page. Should we begin to use the 'Year 3 Learning Away From School' for anything different we will put a clear message on this page.

Accelerated Reader

During time not in school, don't forget to make sure you keep reading! If you would like to do book quizzes online at home, make sure you do them independently and you will need to click on this link to do them:

You will just need to use your normal username and password that you do at school on the chromebooks! Don't forget, you can do book quizzes on books that you have at home too - most of them should be on there!