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Year 1

Werrington Primary School

Year 1


A warm welcome to our Year 1 page from Miss Gordon and Mrs Stockdale.  We will be adding useful and interesting information as the year progresses.

This Week's News

30th November 2018

The children have really enjoyed Enterprise Week this week and have begun to make some fantastic hot chocolate Santa Cones to sell at the Christmas Fair, to raise money for our new school library.  This work will continue this week, now that the children have completed their assessed work. The Christmas Fair will take place next Thursday 6th December after school - we hope to see you there!!!

We have been busy rehearsing for our Christmas concert and looking forward to performing all our Christmas carols to you on Tuesday 11th and Thursday 13th December, at St John's Church in the village.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Stockdale & Miss Gordon

23rd November 2018

Another great week in Year 1, rounded off nicely with our annual Hamper Day. Thank you so much to everyone for your contributions. The hampers have now been made and raffle tickets will be coming home to you soon if you wish to buy them. 

Next week is Enterprise Week. Our work will focus on the items each year group will be selling at the Christmas Fair. Year 1 will be selling hot chocolate Santa Cones. All of the money raised at the Christmas Fair this year will go towards the new school library. In English, we will be following and writing instructions to make our cones. Maths next week is also focussed on Enterprise Week. We will be looking at positional language, money and repeating patterns. In Kaizen we will be making Christmas cards, and head pieces for our Christmas Carol Concerts. We will also be carrying out end of term assessments.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Stockdale & Miss Gordon

16th November 2018

What a fantastic Children In Need Day we had on Friday to round off the week, the children all looked wonderful! Thank you to everyone who sent in money for this very worthy cause.

In English next week we will be learning about the history of toys. This is a cross-curricular link with History. On Tuesday we are very lucky to have a visit from Peterborough Museum, during which the children will get to see, learn about and play with a variety of historical toys.

In Maths, we will be learning about place value. We will be counting objects, representing numbers and ordering quantities from greatest to fewest and vice versa.

On Friday afternoon the pantomime comes to school! This year the show is Cinderella.

Friday is also our annual Hamper Day at school. For a donation of something to go into one of our hampers, the children are able to wear mufti for the day. Raffle tickets will be available to buy, and the winning tickets will be drawn during the Year 4 Christmas Performance.

Have a brilliant weekend!

Miss Gordon & Mrs Stockdale

9th November 2018

In English next week, we will continue our work on Handa's Surprise. We will be re-writing the story, set in England rather than Kenya, replacing the animals and fruit with those that can be found in this country. 

In Maths we will be naming 2D and 3D shapes and learning about their properties.

On Friday it is Children In Need day. Children can wear their own clothes and something spotty for a donation of £1. 

We will be continuing to make Christmas cards and calendars this week and to practice singing Christmas carols for our Christmas Concert.

Please ensure that your child has a water bottle in school every day.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Stockdale & Miss Gordon.

2nd November 2018

The children have settled back into school well for what promises to be an exciting half term!

Next week in English we will be looking at the story: Handa's Surprise. The children will be reading the book and re-telling it using actions. They will be describing settings, answering questions about the story and using adjectives and adverbs to describe the characters.

In Maths we will be continuing to work on addition and subtraction. We will be looking at inverse operations and revisiting greater and less than.

In Kaizen we will be making fireworks pictures on the iPads and will begin to make our Christmas cards and calendars. We will also be practising our songs for our Christmas carol concert.

On Monday afternoon we will hold our sponsored read. The children will take part in 6 different reading activities around Key Stage 1. They are welcome to bring in slippers/fluffy socks and a teddy to wear during the event. All sponsor money raised will go towards the new library.

Please could you check jumpers and cardigans that your child has brought home in case they belong to another child? We have had a few named cardigans and jumpers go missing and it is not unusual for them to get mixed up.

Have a amazing weekend!

Mrs Stockdale & Miss Gordon

19th October 2018

What a fabulous first half term the children have had in Year 1. They have worked so hard and adjusted to the new routines really well. We are really looking forward to the next half term with them!

We really enjoyed meeting you all this week and putting faces to names. 

Next half term our topic is Festivals and Toys. We will have a visit from Peterborough Museum during which the children will be able to view and play with historical toys. We will, of course, also be practicingfor our Christmas Carol Concert as well as making cards and calendars.

In the first week of the next half term our English work will focus on the story ‘Room on the Broom’. In Maths we will continue to look at addition and subtraction and will focus on counting on and back as well as finding the difference. 

Spellings will be sent home on the first week back after half term.  They will usually be sent out on a Tuesday and will be tested on the following Monday.

PE bags have been sent home this week. Please ensure that they are complete and named ready for the new half term. Our first PE lesson is on Monday 29th October, therefore please send PE kits back to school on the first day of term.

Have a wonderful, relaxing half term holiday! 

Mrs Stockdale & Miss Gordon.

12th October 2018

Despite becoming tired as we near the half term, the children are still working very hard. We are so proud of them all.

Next week is Art Week. All of our Maths, English & Kaizen work will be linked to the work of Andy Goldsworthy. We will be looking at the seasons. In English we will be looking at changes in the seasons, particularly Autumn and Winter. We will be writing seasons poetry, looking at sources of light, and writing about events in a seasonal story. In Maths we will also be looking at seasons and linking it to our work on time. We will be ordering months of the year, days of the week and seasons. We will also be making a season wheel. In Kaizen we will be going on an Autumn walk, making and photographing leaf designs and performing a seasons song in our end of week assembly.

We are very much looking forward to meeitng you all next week during Parents' Consultation Evenings!

Have an amazing weekend!

Miss Gordon & Mrs Stockdale

5th October 2018

The children have all worked really hard this week and have produced some amazing work!

In English next week, we will be continuing our work on senses poetry and will be writing a class poem.

In Maths, we will continue with our addition and subtraction unit and will be looking at number stories.  The children will use the 'part whole model' and write number sentences using the + - = signs.  

In Kaizen, we will be looking at parts of the body, discussing what makes a healthy diet and looking at the human skeleton.

Have a restful weekend!

Mrs Stockdale, Miss Gordon.

28th September 2018

I'm sure you will all agree that the children put on a wonderful show in the Harvest Assembly. We hope you enjoyed watching it.

Next week in English, we will begin to look at senses poetry. The children will be using their senses to describe what they can taste, see, hear, feel and smell. Please remember to return your food tasting letter before Tuesday.

In Maths we will be beginning our block on addition and subtraction, using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods.

Please remember to send a water bottle with your child each day.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Gordon & Mrs Stockdale

21st September 2018

The children have worked really hard again this week.  In English they have learnt the story of the Little Red Hen and re-told it in their own words.  In Maths they have been comparing numbers and beginning to use the < and > symbols.   They have also been busy learning songs and a story in preparation for our Harvest Assembly, which we will perform next Friday morning to parents and carers.

Next week in English we will be learning about our local area as part of a cross curricular unit with Geography. In Maths the children will be finding one more and one less than a given number.  

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs Stockdale, Miss Gordon.

14th September 2018

What a great first full week we have had! The children have been writing lists, labels and captions in English, and in Maths they have been counting on and back from given numbers.

Next week in English we will be using adjectives to describe characters, and will be learning and re-writing the story of The Little Red Hen. In Maths we will be learning different ways to find more or less than a given number, including an introduction to the symbols < and >. 

Have a great weekend!

Miss Gordon & Mrs Stockdale

7th September 2018

The children have settled into school fantastically well this week. We can already tell that they are more than ready for the challenges ahead!

This week we have begun to carry out some essential baseline assessment for Year 1. We have also talked to the children about the new timetable, routines and expectations in Year 1. They seem to be adapting well.

Our topic this half term is Ourselves.

Next week in English the children will be learning about lists, labels and captions. They will be using their phonics to sound out words and to join them to form a sentence.

In Maths we will be learning about Place Value. We will begin by recognising, reading and writing numbers to 10. We will also be completing number sequences and finding 1 more than/less than a given number.

In Kaizen we will begin to use pointillism to paint Harvest Fruit. On Thursday the whole school will be celebrating Roald Dahl Day. We will be helping Willy Wonka to design a new sweet! 

Our assessment will continue next week.

Please remember that PE bags should be in school by Monday morning if it is not in school already. Our PE days are Monday and Thursday.

Parent helpers are most welcome, please let us know if you are interested.

Have a relaxing weekend!

Mrs Stockdale & Miss Gordon