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Sport Premium

Werrington Primary School

Sport Premium

Werrington Primary School

Sport Premium 2016-17

Impact of our use of the Sport Premium:

  1. Higher Participation levels in inter and intra school sport.
  2. Pupil’s enjoyment of sporting competition.
  3. Improved physical gains.
  4. Access to improved resources and higher level coaching.
  5. Staff confidence and expertise has increased.
  6. Positive feedback from parents regarding intra school sport.

Following a staff training analysis conducted in school the following plan for this year was  formulated. The key principles are that we increase the quality of teaching and pedagogy with the teaching staff, increase the inter school sporting competition as well as intra school competition, increase the range and diversity of sports being offered as well as draw on the expertise locally from within the cluster as well as wider city/county. The funding that has been agreed by the Governor Resources Committee is as follows:

Werrington Primary School Sport Premium Report

Summer 2017

This report outlines the income and expenditure of the Sport Premium funding for the academic year 2016-17. It will break down how the funding has been used to develop PE across the school.

Compiled by Clive Moody

Section 1 Income and Expenditure

For the financial year ending 31st March 2017:

Received: £ 9,783.00


1. PE Resources/Equipment £ 1,346.02

2. Hired transport to sporting events £ 810.00

3. After school sports club £ 1,786.77

4. Sports Coaches (Enrichment sessions) £ 2,210.00

5. Service Level Agreement with Ken Stimpson £ 3,400.00

TOTAL SPEND FINANCIAL YEAR TO 31/03/2017 £ 9 552.79

TOTAL SPEND BY JULY  2017 _____________

We are awaiting confirmation of funding for the academic year 2017/18 we know that the premium will be increasing.

We have committed £3600 from the next budget to the SLA for that year. We have also decided to use the increase to fund Country dance club and Active Play at lunchtimes amongst other opportunities.

Section 2 PE Resources/Equipment £ 1,346.02

Purchases include: Variety of balls Athletics equipment Refurbishment of PE benches Football Goals Resource Books Team Vests Rounders Equipment Netball Equipment Cricket Coaching and Competition entries Cross country entries

Section 3 Hired transport to sporting events £ 810.00

We have taken part in the following events which required paying for transport: Summer Term 2016: Key Stage 2 Swimming Gala, Key Stage 2 Soke Athletics, Year 6 Youth Dreams Football Year 6 October: Year 6 Hockey AMVC January: Year 6 Football Barnack March: Year 5/6 Football and Netball AMVC March: Year 5 Table Tennis AMVC March: Year 5/6 Cross Country Ferry Meadows To come: May: Year 2 Cricket at Peterborough Town May: Year 4 Cricket at Peterborough Town May: Year 6 Football at The Grange, Peterborough June: Year 6 Cricket at Peterborough Town June: Year 6 Girls Cricket at Peterborough Town July: Key Stage 2 Soke Athletics at AMVC

Section 4 After school sports club £ 1,786.77

The following after school sport clubs are offered to children: Year 3/4 Football Club Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms. One hour a week for up to 40 children to take part. 2 Qualified coaches from Premier Sport deliver the club.

Section 5 Sports Coaches (Enrichment sessions) £ 2,210.00

We have aimed to develop the delivery skills, knowledge and confidence of staff to teach PE by continuing to provide CPD for each year group. This takes the form of a coach delivering a lesson on an area of PE identified by the staff member and therefore developing ideas and skills to use in the future. These sessions are timetabled for a different year group each half term.

2016/17 Autumn 1: Year 1 Team Games/ Ball skills Autumn 2: Year 2 Gymnastics Spring 1: Year R Gymnastics Spring 2: Year 4 Games Summer 1: Year 3 Athletics Summer 2: Year 6 tba

A survey of staff regarding the CPD they have received is very positive. All staff have requested that it continue into the next academic year. On a scale from 1-10 of how teachers graded themselves on the delivery and content of PE lessons, teachers have on average scored themselves 2.25 points higher after receiving the CPD. In some cases, teachers improved by 4 points. In each area of PE they have received CPD teachers have graded their development from 1-10 and all are more than 5 and some up to 10.

To improve this CPD, teachers have requested a different timetable slot (currently Thursday AM due to coaches’ availability) which is being considered.

Section 6 Service Level Agreement with Ken Stimpson £ 3,400.00

The SLA allows us to use the resources at Ken Stimpson and take part in a range of sporting competitions and events. A great benefit being Ken Stimpson is that we are able to walk to the venue and so cut out expensive transport costs. We have taken part in the following inter school events organised and delivered by either Ken Stimpson and/or AMVC.

Summer 2016 Year 4 Quick Cricket, Year 5 Quick Cricket, Key Stage 2 Soke Athletics AMVC, October 2017 Year 6 Hockey AMVC,  November 2017 Year 6 Cross Country KSCS, Year 5 Basketball KSCS,  December 2017 Year 2 Multi Skills KSCS,  January 2017 Year 1 Multi Skills KSCS, February 2017 Year 4 Sports Hall Athletics,  March 2017 Year 5/6 Football and Netball AMVC Year 5 Table Tennis AMVC,  May 2017 Year 3/4 Orienteering KSCS,  Year 6 Trampolining KSCS (until end of term), Year 5 Quick Cricket KSCS, June 2017 Year 3 Rounders Year 4 Dance Workshops KSCS,  July 2017 Key Stage 2 SOKE Athletics.

 In addition we have also secured rugby and cricket coaching for years 4 and 6 in the summer term 2017.