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Reading & Phonics

Werrington Primary School

Reading & Phonics



Reading is given a high focus throughout the school as we believe that a reading weakness hinders progress in all subject areas.  The class teacher will aim to ensure that children are heard to read regularly, either through guided reading or individual reading. Individual reading can take place at any part of the day. In both key stages, teachers plan five sessions of guided reading per week where the children work with the class-teacher. 

Teachers use APP Guided Reading Grids to monitor the progress and attainment of children in every group. Using an appropriate text, the teacher selects a relevant AF (Assessment Focus) and within that chooses an objective that the group aims to achieve.


Reading is developed across the school through:


  1. A wide range of materials, with opportunities for children to select for both

              information and entertainment in classrooms.                      


  1. A phonic system based on ‘Letters and Sounds’ with stories and pictures.  The New Curriculum provides a structure for the development of these skills.


  1. In KS1 structure is provided by ‘banded books’ from a range of publishers and a wide variety of additional books including children’s picture, story and non-fiction books.


  1. In KS2 structure is provided by the Accelerated Reader scheme which includes a graded variety of fiction and non-fiction books. The scheme is not exclusive and the children may choose books from the classroom or from home. These books may also been test via the Accelerated Reader Scheme.


  1. Regular teaching of  comprehension skills, encouraged from the early stages.


  1. Reading aloud with response from and to the class, from fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc.