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Pupil Premium

How do we know what additional resources our Pupil Premium children need access to?

Our main priority is for each and every child to reach their full potential. At Werrington Primary School we ensure that this happens through regular monitoring, support and adaptation of our provision for all children.

You will find the Pupil Premium Impact of Strategy report below.

We think it is vital to ask our children who are in receipt of the Pupil Premium what their needs are and what they think would help them to learn better.  From this we then plan how best to use our funding to enhance the achievement of this group of children. The children tell us that they learn better when they have additional adults to help them, as it makes them feel more confident.

Some examples of pupil voice are shared below.


Mrs Bowles helps me sound out words so I can read.

It’s fun when I work with Mrs Bowles, I like it when she helps

Mrs Bowles really helps with my spellings.


Mrs Buchan helps me with my writing as I’m not very good at it. She listens to me and helps me with ideas.

She hears me read and I really like it, also she helps me do my corrections in maths.

Mrs Buchan helps me when I am stuck so it makes me really happy.

Sometimes I get muddled up and MRs Buchan helps me, if she’s not with me I just guess.

Mrs Buchan helps me try to figure out how to do things to help me.

Mrs Buchan helps me do harder work as I can do it when she is there!

Mrs Bowles is really, really kind to us. She always helps me to do my work better. I like it when she asks me to work with her.

I can’t do my corrections on my own so I really like it when Mrs Buchan helps me as she helps me do it in an easier way.


I can read better because of Mrs Jenkinson.

Mrs Jenkinson helped me learn how to tell the time.

Sometimes I get really confused and look into thin air but then she comes and helps me.

I like it when I do book quizzes with Mrs Jenkinson, I’m pleased I work with her!

My tables are better because of Mrs Jenkinson. I feel more confident because of her.

I can do better work because Mrs Jenkinson is there!


Mrs Butterworth helps me do my corrections in maths, I really like it when she helps me.

If I’m stuck I only need to say “Mrs Butterworth,” and she comes and helps me.

I like it when Mrs Butterworth is in our classroom! She helps me with my times tables.

I don’t always trust myself and my ideas so I like it when she helps me as it gives me confidence.

Sometimes she sees me struggling and she helps me. I feel better then!

It makes me feel happy when Mrs Butterworth is there.

I like it when MRs Butterworth works with me, she speaks nicely.


Mrs Anton is really nice. She helps me with my vocabulary and punctuation – I’m better now.

Mrs Anton makes things easier, I get more done when I work with her.

I like it when Mrs Anton starts with me so I know I am right.

She’s fun! I’m happy when I work with Mrs Anton. She really helped me learn the bus stop method (short division)

I find it really tricky sometimes to read and Mrs Anton helps me.

If you get stuck Mrs Anton really helps you. If she wasn’t there I probably wouldn’t finish my work.

Sometimes I am struggling and Mrs Anton really helps me. I like it when she does!


Mrs Moore is great! She helps me improve my mistakes.

Mrs Moore has really helped me in English, if I hadn’t had her it would have been harder.

She’s so helpful – I’m really grateful to her. Without her I wouldn’t be so good at learning.

Mrs Moore helps me in every subject. If she didn’t help me it would take longer to learn.

In year 5 I wasn’t very good at fractions but Mrs Moore has helped me understand them.

My sentences are normally really boring but Mrs Moore has really helped me. MY work is better because of her!

She is brilliant and helpful! She has REALLY improved my maths!

She is helpful and caring! She’s always there if I need her which makes me so happy!

Obviously teacher led groups happen in all classrooms daily but our Pupil Premium children also find they benefit when they go out in smaller teacher led groups. Our more able learners clearly feel this enhances their learning, shown in the quotes below.

I prefer it when Mrs Revell has just my maths group as I can get more of her time, we don’t have to share her.

I love it when I go out with just rectangles as I learn a lot more.

I really like being in a smaller group with Mrs Threadgill as it is more of a challenge. We get to discuss problems on our tables which really helps me learn.

I liked going out with Mrs Threadgill as it is more complicated. She gave me a clearer explanation of what to do so I got more done. It is challenging and I like that.

Due to the children responding so well to smaller teacher led groups we have found the children also really benefit by having Booster lessons in year 6 to consolidate and enhance classroom learning. This is what the children have to say about these additional sessions:

Going to Boosters has given me more confidence and proved to me I can do it.

I like going to Boosters as there is only a few of us so you get to have lots of time with the teacher. I have learnt more by going there.

I get more help than in class because there are only a few of us. I am really pleased I go.

Sometimes I need a bit of extra help so Booster lessons are really good because now I realise what I need to do.

After school we also run a club 4 nights a week where children can stay and play maths games, as listening to the children and their parents they find this opportunity really beneficial:

I stay after school because I like doing maths.

I like going to the club as I get to play maths games with my friends.

It helps my maths as you have to play games and I know more questions now.

I like staying for maths because it is better than staying at home and doing nothing.

I think my maths is better now as I get to practice more often – I wouldn’t at home.

My Mum likes me going to maths club as she doesn’t have to leave work early to get me.

We try to engage our children in fun, stimulating learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom; providing experiences that they may not otherwise have. Therefore throughout the year we plan educational trips off site alongside residentials for each KS2 class. A valuable percentage of the Pupil Premium budget is therefore spent on ensuring all Pupil Premium children can access these trips:

Stibbington was great! I got to share a room with my friends – I’ve never slept with them before, we had fun!

Stibbington was great as you got to play football after dinner.

I liked Stibbington as we got hot chocolate and I made new friends there.

At Caythorpe we got to do obstacle courses that I’ve never done before.

We got to do activities all day at Caythorpe and I loved it, I’m so pleased I got to go!

The high ropes were amazing, they made me not scared of heights anymore. Before I went I was terrified!

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