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Our Staff

Werrington Primary School

Our Staff

Here you can view photographs of many of our teaching staff; so if you haven't managed to meet us yet, you can put a face to our name.

Mr B Wilding

Mr C Moody
Deputy Headteacher (KS2)
Year 6 Teacher

Mrs L Threadgill
Deputy Headteacher (KS1)

Mrs D Brindley
Clerical Assistant

Mrs H Zealand
Clerical Assistant

Mrs R Lidgett
School business manager

Ms N Bradshaw
Clerical Assistant

MRs J Simpson
Reception Class Teacher

Mrs E McGrath


Mrs Newnes
Year 5 Class Teacher

Mrs H Revell
Year 6 Class Teacher

Mrs l taylor
Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs A Taylor
PPA Cover

Miss E Chase
Year 6 Class Teacher

Year 2 Class Teacher

Mrs V Stockdale
Year 1 Class Teacher

Miss S Woodliffe
Year  Class Teacher

Miss J Gadsby
Reception Class Teacher

Mrs G Gould
Reception Class Teacher


Miss S Scale
Year 3 Class Teacher


Mr K Pope
Year 34Class Teacher

 Miss L Walsham
Year 6  Class teacher





Mr G Colley
year 4  class teacher


Support Staff

  • Mrs M Higgins
  • Mrs T Petrie
  • Mrs S Gibbs
  • Mrs S Taylor
  • Mrs S Watson
  • Mrs J Butterworth
  • Mrs S Rudd
  • Mrs C Forrest
  • Mrs R Mumford
  • Mrs J Jeyes
  • Mrs K Candy
  • Mrs L Pauly - Learning Mentor
  • Mrs L Anton
  • Mrs D Underwood
  • Mrs A Nash
  • Mrs M Leavitt
  • Mrs L Bowles
  • Mrs A Buchan
  • Mrs J McGuire
  • Mrs C Cole
  • Mrs H Al-Sheba
  • Mrs C Culhane
  • Mrs L Jenkinson
  • Mrs L McCondach
  • Mrs K Boulton
  • Ms S Moore 
  • Mrs N Oliver
  • Ms B Graves
  • Mrs D Crouch - Learning Mentor
  • Mrs C Burton
  • Mr K Ashworth
  • Mrs D Knighton
  • Mrs S Prentice
  • Mrs R Demkiewicz
  • Mrs B Abell